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We can track your website visitors but who are they?

We have a massive database of over 150 million Americans contact info so we can match your website visitors to our database. If we have a match, we give you their contact information so you can follow up with them and close the sale!


Things to Consider with WebiD:

Match Rate

Proper Website Disclaimers

Follow Up Methods

How the Data is Received

Match Rate: We have about a 20-30% match rate. This means that for every 100 website visitors you have, we will give you between 20 & 30 contacts. So, it is important to have another method to drive traffic to your website since the more site visitors, the more matches.

Proper Website Disclaimers: In order to be complaint with some state laws, you will need to have a disclaimer on your website pertaining to cookies and obtaining information along with a way for people to opt out. We will provide the disclaimers for you & help you put it on your website if necessary.

Follow Up Methods: Since these are just "leads" & not past or present customers, you can not simply place them in your monthly email newsletter using MailChimp or Constant Contact since those platforms are specifically for customers or people who have specifically opted in to your emails. Thus, the proper way to follow up with this leads include: Direct Mail, Addressable Geofencing, one on one emails (as opposed to mass email), phone calls, or an email inviting them to join your email list. 

How the Data is Received: An email is sent daily with new leads in a downloadable spreadsheet.

EXAMPLE of Data Leads
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