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Digital Billboards

Creating & Managing Blip Billboards

Expand Your Brand with Billboards

Digital billboards can be updated in real time! Real-time updates bring your billboard rental into the digital age by allowing you to change your message to better connect with your potential 


* For long term branding, we do have access to static billboards in select markets


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How Blip Billboards Work?

  • Digital Billboard operators divide the time on a board into multiple slots (usually 8) selling each slot to a separate advertiser.

  • Blip has already contracted with these sign owners to get slots on their digital billboards.

  • The board cycles through the slots, playing each advertiser’s ad, one-by-one, for a specific number of seconds (usually 7.5-10); and then the playback repeats.

  • Each ad is displayed in rotation 24/7.

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Why Use Adz Solutions for
Digital Billboards?

Our team at Adz Solutions is the EXPERT in Blip processes. It can be a complicated process, but we make it easy for you by creating the billboard design & managing your campaign, including selecting optimal billboards & Display Ad omni-channel approaches.

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