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(Video Ads)

Ads seen through streaming platforms that allow ads.


Things to Consider:

Ad Type & Creation



Ad Type & Creation: Since these ads are seen in streaming content, think of them like TV commercials. So, the ad needs to be created like a TV commercial. If you do not already have some production in place we have creative ideas on how to create a commercial efficiently. Do not let the ad creation be a deterrent in doing streaming ads.

Expectations: Unlike other forms of internet advertising people are not as likely to click on the ads seen during streaming. In fact, most people don't even realize you can click on ads. Therefore, the expectations for streaming ads should be the same as TV ads - it's about reach & branding. Getting your ad seen by people interested in specific programming that you feel your target audience would be watching.

Targeting: Unlike TV ads, streaming ads can be shown to a more specific target audience based on age, income and other demographics that way your ads have a greater chance of being seen by someone who is your potential customer!

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