Wix vs Wordpress

I create both Wix & Wordpress sites for people and often get asked which one is better.

That is a subjective question. The answer is that it depends. I prefer Wix but understand that many people like the flexibility and customizability of Wordpress. However, for most local businesses I am familiar with, Wix contains all of the needs and some of the wants a website requires. 

Some of the concerns I read online about Wix & SEO are totally off base & are from people who don't know how to maximize a Wix site. Wix sites can excel at SEO if that's what you want to achieve. Personally, I think SEO is not as effective as PPC, and neither are as effective as Retargeting, but that's another post :).

A lot of the negative perception about Wix sites is just that, perception. Most people look at Wix like it's a site for people who don't know what they're doing & it's only for simple websites. Not true. I've worked on websites that cost tens of thousands of dollars and to do some simple things like adding a chat box at a later date to a post took a million steps or it took inserting extra code that had to be inserted just right to work properly.

I know - because I've done it so many times now - that you can have a robust interactive website through Wix as long as the one putting it together knows what they're doing...which I do. :)

Here are some of the reasons I prefer Wix:

STABILITY- Wordpress is definitely more customizable, however, many of the customizable features are things that take a lot of time to update and maintain. They also may be more unstable elements. Since Wix is a publicly traded company they have to watch their P's & Q's, so when there is an element available for a website, it has been thoroughly tested through their development team.

SEO Tools- Contrary to popular belief, Wix works great for SEO. (Once again, it matters who puts it together & makes changes to it) You can see from a link I have in my signature that I do Website Analysis. I use 11 3rd Party tools -not ones I created - to assess websites & sites I build through Wix FAR outperform other sites, including Wordpress built sites in both SEO & speed.

SPEED- Because Wix is publicly traded, they have a reputation to uphold & have a lot of storage & the sites load fast. The only thing that slows it down is large uncompressed pictures, and long videos.

HTML Options- Many DIYers don't have a clue how to update HTML so they are limited to what Wix provides. I'm not. I have added plenty of elements to Wix sites by adding HTML code to a page. 

EASIER for updates- IF an owner decides to handle the updates then there is a much easier learning curve for them to update their own website. So as I build the website I want what's best for my client and if they plan on updating it on their own in the future, then I want it to be easier!

In addition, all Wix sites are https secured and they are easily mobile optimized, two very important things for websites in today's day in age.

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