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3 Types of Blog Posts You Should Write

Trying to figure out the best content to write is always a challenge, however, categorizing your topics can help you make your blog more beneficial to your audience. 

Here are the 3 categories you should focus on:

1. To Educate

2. To Solve Specific Problems

3. To Provide Product/Service Reviews

1. Educate

The most effective way to "educate" is to share the knowledge you have obtained in your field. Some people are afraid that if they "give away their knowledge", then their clients won't have a reason to hire them. The opposite is actually true. When you have a blog that displays your knowledge of your field, you look like the educated expert in your industry and more people will be drawn to you, or share your educated posts with their friends!

When I was personal fitness trainer in my younger years (stop looking at my gut!), I was amazed at how many of my clients knew exactly what they needed to eat and sometimes even what they needed to do for exercise! So why hire me, then? In that case, it was because they needed the motivation to get to the gym and have someone following up with them about their eating.

The knowledge is out there in the internet, if you aren't sharing it someone else already is. 

2. Solve Specific Problems

This is similar to educating, yet more specific to a problem. For example, this post is addressing a problem some of my clients have had of writing quality blog posts. In order to write good blog posts, you need to fully understand your audience's problems. Who is your typical buyer and what are the reasons they would come to your store, website, or business?

3. Product/Service Reviews

People research products and services more now than ever before. Some digital marketers suggest only giving reviews of things in your industry, but I disagree. If there is anything you have an opinion on then share it if you think you audience will appreciate it.

For example, I write a blog on digital marketing, web design and cord cutting, but I used to do reviews on movies. If I started doing movie reviews, I could attract a new audience to my website that may be interested in the services I offer! 

Just make sure off-industry reviews don't dominate your blog.

Overall, doing product or service reviews can bring new audiences to your blog. Writing a post on solving specific problems will help people find your site when they are looking to solve a problem, and writing educating posts will help you look like the industry expert and build trust with your audience.

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