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A Digital Billboard - in front of your competitor!

How would you like to put a billboard in front of your competitor's business? Think about it. Every time someone goes in to your competitor's business, they could see your ad. Think of the potential to attract new customers!

What if a real estate agent who offers a rebate to buyers they represent had a sign in front a model home of a new neighborhood? What if an orthodontist had a sign in front of a doctors office that he doesn't get a lot of referrals from? What if a chiropractor had a sign in front of a cross fit gym?

This is now possible! It is called geofencing! We can create a digital fence around locations and anyone who passes through that location will be able to receive your advertisement on their smartphone! Then we can place a digital fence around your business to find out how many people were redirected to your business! This is called geoconversion!

Maybe, instead of targeting a specific business you want your ad to be available to anyone in a specific zip code or neighborhood. That can be done as well. This is called geotargeting. Geo-targeting options are extremely effective forms of advertising for local businesses and can be started very easily!

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