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WARNING! Google Update Could Cost You Website Visitors!!!

A website can be either "secured" or "unsecured." In years past, only banks or other financial institution's websites were secured. The checkout page on a website would be secured, but not the rest of the website. 

With the growth of hacking and identity theft, more and more websites began making their entire website secure. The distinction is in the URL.




The "s" after http indicates that the website has SSL (which is the protocol that secures the site.) Google has updated their Chrome browser & extension to now check for this status.

Here's the kicker: if a website is not secure, a warning will pop up that essentially scares people away from the site!

As you can see from the screen shot below, there is no "X" in order to continue on to the site. You have to click "Advanced", then figure out how to actually get to the site. If the warning alone doesn't scare someone away from the website, the hassle of trying to still visit the site will.

In fact, 82% of visitors abandon sites that aren’t secure!

It's not just Google Chrome. Apple's Safari browser, the most commonly used browser on MACs, uses Google's security check so it pops up on Safari as well!

To make matters worse, if you are a business you want to show up on Google ahead of your competition. Google has already stated that it will rank SSL sites higher than those that aren't secured!


Every website my wife & I build are secured and we have easy financing of just $250/mo! So don't lose website visitors, let us help you out right away!

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