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Geofencing: Guerrilla Marketing for Politicians


From : innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.


Placing a digital fence around a location, then tagging phones that cross that fence, then serving ads to those phones from an advertiser.


Someone running for office (insert funny joke here.)

Gorilla looking unhappy
This is a gorilla, not like guerrilla marketing, but sounds the same.

Politicians are looking for an edge over their competition. Finding a low-cost marketing technique that can help them do that is an ongoing challenge for campaigns. Internet advertising, in general, is a growing option because you are able to more specifically target voting blocks instead of sharing a message to the masses.

It is also growing because it has more measurable results. How many voters in your area actually heard your radio ad? How many watched your TV ad? How many saw the mailer you sent out instead of immediately trashing it? With internet advertising you can tell how many people saw your ad, clicked on it and more!

Geofencing is an unconventional way of reaching voters who know who you are, or who do not. You can place a digital fence around your campaign event that way voters who attend your event will be reminded of who you are by receiving internet ads on their phones for the next 30 days. Place a digital fence around your competitor's event so voters attending their event can get to know you better by seeing your ad for the next 30 days!

Do your voters attend a country club? a sporting event? specific restaurants? Geofence those places! You can even target entire neighborhoods so that everyone in that neighborhood can see your ad on their desktop computer or mobile device!

With Adz Solutions Political Package you can get 30,000 Impressions (an Impression is whenever your ad shows up on a device) for $300, or 100,000 Impressions for $1000!

BONUS: IP TARGETING - Do you have a list of addresses from voters in past elections? Most political parties can provide them to their candidates. If you have that list, we can find the IP addresses of their home computers and deliver ads JUST TO THEM!!! Oh, we're talking.

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