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5 Reasons To Redesign Your Website

Although there could be more, here are 5 reasons to redesign your website, in no particular order:

  1. Pizzazz

  2. Data Capture

  3. Increased Functionality

  4. Add Extra Features

  5. Build a “hidden” back-end

Pizzazz. This does not mean that your current website doesn’t have pizzazz, but website design preferences change so your pizzazz may be outdated and people recognize it when they visit other websites. That being said, websites today have the ability to do so many more things that make a website pop! There’s more to web design than the layout! Websites need be mobile optimized, they need to be dynamic and they need to be nice enough to keep people around. I have a friend who was looking for a Doctor & referred me to one that he didn’t chose. The primary reason he gave me in rejecting this Doctor was their antiquated looking website! Pizzazz matters.

Data Capture. Email marketing is one of the primary advertising tools for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. An essential component of email marketing is to continue to add contacts to your database. What better place to get emails than from people visiting your website? Capturing those emails is more than just having a pop-up that says “give me your email address”. No one will click on that. Coming up with a creative “lead magnate” is a good reason to have an updated website. A lot of older websites don’t have the ability to build lead magnates.

Increased Functionality. In many cases, business owners built a website simply because they were told, or felt, that they needed one. The result was something that was not much more than an “About Us” landing page. However, websites can function as an arm of your business. How it can function will depend on the business but increasing a website’s functionality is one of the top reasons businesses redesign their website.

Add Extra Features. Do you want to have content only for subscribers of your website? Do you want to have embedded videos? Picture slide shows? Employee pages? Book appointments online? Accept payments for products or services? There’s so much more than can be done with a redesigned website.

Build a “hidden” back end. Businesses have tons of items they have to keep track of. Employee documents, payroll links, vacation pay forms, expense reports, company logos, business cards, and numerous other things. With today’s web design, you can have a hidden page that only employees can access with a specific password! No more hunting for different links, now their all on one page!

Then there's the unspoken reason as to why you should update your website - to increase it's speed! Make sure your website performs up to today's standards. The average internet user won't wait past 3 seconds for a website to load!

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