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10 Best E-Signature Apps + Apple/Mac Solution

We at Adz Solutions are big proponents of all things digital, especially whenever it can bypass paper! Thus, when we came across this fantastic article about E-Signatures, we had to repost it.

HOWEVER, before I share the article, I wanted to point out another solution that be work for many situations. It is what we use!

E-signature software has extra security in place that helps verify signatures, but that may not be necessary for your situation. If you are an Apple iPhone user, you could have a solution right in the palm of your hand. This same solution works if you have a Mac laptop, computer or iPad.

If someone sends you a pdf, or vice-versa, you can sign the document through the "Viewer."

Follow the steps below:

Screenshot of pdf being saved to phone
Save the PDF to your phone "Save to Files"

Screenshot of pdf opened up on iPhone
Open the pdf by clicking on it

Screenshot of pdf marking tool being selected on iPhone.
Select the tool in the top right corner, which will pull up marking options.

Screenshot of Signature option for pdf on iPhone
Select the + sign in the bottom right of the screen, then select the "Text" to type text like the date, and select "Signature" to write a signature or choose a pre-saved signature. You can also add or delete signatures here.

It is as simple as that!

Now that the simple version is out of the way, here is the great article from Hubspot on the Top 10 Electronic Signature Apps for 2018.

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