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  • More & More businesses WANT to use Digital Strategies

  • They PREFER to get it from trusted Organizations (like yours!)

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What is DIGITAL?

Advertising viewed or listened to on computers & mobile devices

Website Builds/Management

Email Marketing

Display Ads (Geofencing/Retargeting)

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Ads

Social Media Posting

Social Media Ads

Video Streaming Ads

Podcasting Ads

Digital Billboards

Influencer Campaigns

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How Adz Solutions is Different?

We Pride ourselves on Customer Service
   - Call/Video Sales Appointments
   - Help As Little or As Much As You Want
   - Simple Training & Sales Approach
Unique Services:
   - No Upfront Fee or Monthly Minimum Fees
   - Use us for what you want when you want
   - Create 1 Sheeters/Sales Packages if needed
   - Ad Creation
   - Free Website Assessments
   - Small or Short Campaigns OK (50K Impressions, A Weekend Campaign? A Week Campaign? Combine 5 Advertisers on a 100K Impression Campaign?  OKAY!

Unique Products:
   - WebiD
   - 3rd Party Email with Database
   - Legend Level Wix Partner
   - LIVE Proximity Geofencing
   - Aggressive OTT Pricing
   - Unique opportunities with Streamopolis

Reporting Dashboard

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3 Main Pillars of Digital Needs for Each Business

White Pillars









1.) Identify the client's target audience and goals

2.) Identify the client's marketing budget

3.) Do a Free Website Assessment (always)

4.) Make sure their website is user friendly & updated (if not, propose website build) 

5.) Generate a marketing strategy which focuses on achieving identified client goals

6.) Implement and manage marketing strategy with ROI reporting and campaign performance analysis”

7.) Optimize and adjust campaigns as needed as client goals shift or grow

*Whenever possible, do not let the client choose their own tactics & strategy. As experts, we will allocate their marketing budget to best achieve the clients goals through the use of multiple media channels.

Tactic Examples Below

Car Dealership

Potential Products:

• Site Spy

• Addressable Display

• Digital Billboard

• (possible) Event Fencing

Most car dealerships already have a digital sales manager, but they do NOT have Site Spy. Site Spy will give them daily leads for their sales team to follow up on.

Then, we can run an addressable campaign from the leads gathered each month.

Used car dealerships may be interested in the branding options that digital billboards offer. 

Some dealerships may not be taking advantage of geofencing, and an event fence where we do a geofencing campaign just for an event like a college football game, may be ideal for some car dealerships.

Medical Business

Potential Products:

  • SEM - Search Engine Marketing

    • Google My Business

    • Paid Search

    • SEO

  • Site Spy

  • Email Marketing

  • Search Retargeting

  • Geofencing

Medical based businesses usually get a large clientele but do a bad job of following up unless it is time for their next appointment. 

Setting up a regular email marketing plan to give tips on health will make their customers feel more confident in the expertise of their health provider. 

But driving traffic to their website is key since volume is key for most medical providers. 

Use SEM & Search Retargeting along with Geofencing to drive traffic. 

Most Small Businesses

Potential Products:

  • Google My Business

  • Site Spy

  • Email Marketing

  • Search Retargeting

  • (optional) Paid Search or Geofencing


Many startup small businesses rely on word of mouth and the hope that "if you build it they will come." 

Unfortunately, that isn't true. They have to get their business in front of people and remind them of their business frequently. 

Some of the key things just to get started on a smaller budget include Google My Business - the top search engine function for a small business, Site Spy to get leads, Email Marketing to remind past customers of their business & to encourage them to return & Search Retargeting to get people to know about their business if they do a search for terms related to them.


Potential Products:

  • SEM - Search Engine Marketing

    • Google My Business​

    • Paid Search

    • SEO

  • Geofencing​

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media

Using social media ads is a great way for others to share their food content & entice others to try out the restaurant.

Making sure you are seen once someone does a search for "sushi near me" is key, therefore they need to optimize their Google My Business page.

Geofence competitors to steal away the competition & build an email database offering coupons, specials & introduce new menu items to their past customers to entice them to return.

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