1. Place Order

  2. Pay 50% of Website

  3. Send me guidance on what the you would like

  4. Obtain log-in info for your domain (like go daddy, etc) & have it ready for when site is complete

  5. 1st Draft sent within 2 weeks

  6. You give feedback on the site.

  7. 2nd Draft sent a week later (3rd Week)

  8. You provide final feedback

  9. Site is Mobile Optimized

  10. Final Draft Sent a week later (4th Week)

  11. Site Revision Period Starts (length of time differs based on package purchased)

  12. Revision Period Ends

  13. You pay for 1st month of upgraded hosting service from Wix

  14. Transfer your domain name to Wix site

  15. Provide 5 keywords to help site show up in Google Searches

  16. Complete the site’s SEO & Register it on Google

  17. Add a favicon to the site

  18. Transfer site to your Wix account (can set up during transfer)

  19. Train you on how to update the site.

Website Design Schedule

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